Guidelines For Newbie Ski Boat Skippers

23 June 2016
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This summer you might be considering hiring a boat and taking your friends and family water skiing.  As skipper of the boat, it's your responsibility to ensure that your passengers have fun safely and within the law. Read on for some important information all would-be Aussie ski boat skippers should be aware of. When and where to ski There are certain gazetted areas in which you can legally ski.  These can vary depending on water and weather conditions, so be sure to check with the location before you plan your trip. Read More 

Three tips to help you have a fantastic family holiday

9 May 2016
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Going on a family holiday is a great way to bond with your children and create wonderful memories together. However, this type of trip is not without its pitfalls; travelling with children can be quite stressful at times. Luckily, there are plenty of things you can do to make sure your break goes as smoothly as possible. Pack carefully Few people enjoy packing; however, for those preparing for a family trip, this process can have a considerable impact on how enjoyable your holiday is. Read More 

What to think about before you go backpacking abroad

3 May 2016
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Travelling is a hobby and a lifestyle for many people all around the world. A certain type of travelling that is very popular, especially for young people, is backpacking. You take your backpack packed with only the most essential items and go off for a month or longer to experience as many places as you can. This can seem like a scary thing to do, but in the end, it might be very rewarding. Read More 

Preparing Your Freight for Transportation

25 February 2016
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Transportation of goods requires proper logistics to ensure your freight gets to the required destination in good shape. You need to make proper arrangements before embarking on the transportation of goods to avoid damages and save money. Preparing your freight also makes distribution simpler because you will not have a hard time sorting or identifying the boxes at the destination. Below are some of the steps you should take in the preparation of freight: Read More 

Considerations When Contemplating Party Bus Hire

1 September 2015
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The popularity of party bus hire has increased exponentially over the years. This is due to the versatility and flexibility these vehicles afford your event. In addition to this, they can be used for a myriad of occasions ranging from prom nights, bachelor and bachelorette parties, birthdays and many more. If it is your first time opting for party bus hire, there are a few considerations to have in mind. This will ensure that you get precisely what you want for you and your partygoers, thus ensuring a fun event. Read More